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Abandoned Tanks, Tunnels, Mains

Pipelines and tanks

URETEK Benefil can be induced to fill any size of void. It is ideal for filling pipelines, tanks and conduits. Residual fluids are forced ahead and expelled.
An abandoned pipeline can be filled completely, even if only one end is accessible. Uphill or downhill - URETEK Benefil will not flow out.
When used to fill the interstitial (annular) space formed by relining, the new ‘slip line’ will not collapse or float when being installed. Soil loss due to ‘infiltration’ can be corrected by filling resultant voids from above.
Floors and other structures threatened by erosion (e.g. flood damage or large washout caused by a broken water pipe) can be quickly stabilized, re-supported and/or re-levelled. Lost soils are replaced by URETEK Benefil.

Void filling

Shafts, tunnels and caves are all readily filled. URETEK Benefil requires pushing and does not flow, therefore only simple forms of containment or shuttering are required. Completeness and lightness of fill can also be important.
URETEK Benefil is simple to remove and recyclable, so, If later required, access can easily be reopened.


Seeping water affects stability, creating water paths that increase over time. Such paths and voids, once identified, can be plugged by injecting concentrated URETEK Benefil. Leaks due to clay shrinkage and animal activity can also be sealed.

Retaining walls and culverts

Cavities behind retaining walls and under culverts can be filled, even if remote from the road. URETEK Benefil can be pumped a long way using portable equipment. Injection can be made laterally or vertically.


URETEK Benefil is ideal where site access is difficult.
The steady flow ensures a complete fill, followed by a quick set. By filling and supporting without exerting hydrostatic pressure, it makes excellent backfill - and it’s safe for nearby plants and grass.