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Company history

URETEK Worldwide Oy has its roots in Tampere, Finland. Despite its global network of licensed contractors and contracting subsidiaries, the company headquarters is still based in Finland. Early geopolymer innovations for stabilizing foundations and ground improvement were made during 1980s and 1990s. Further, innovations have been made during the first decade of the new millennium. The company continues to invest in new technology and is a global leader in the use of geopolymers in ground engineering solutions.

Today the company operates a network of licensed contractors in over 50 countries and wholly owned subsidiaries in Europe. More than 100,000 ground engineering projects have been successfully completed using URETEK’s proprietary technology.

Key milestones

1980 – First URETEK projects are completed in Finland
1996 – URETEK geopolymer innovations for foundation stabilization and ground improvement
2003 – Company formed as URETEK Worldwide Oy
2004 – Introduction of further geopolymer technology applications
2007 – Introduction of void filling technology
2009 – Introduction of expanding geopolymer pillars
2012 – URETEK UK becomes a wholly owned subsidiary
2013 – URETEK Sweden becomes a wholly owned subsidiary