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Void Filling

URETEK Void Filling solutions can be used to fill any size void. URETEK void filling solutions use a super lightweight, multi-purpose, super lightweight, pre-expanded structural geopolymer resin. The geopolymer resin is produced on-site, generates no heat and requires no electricity during works. As it is applied the resin displaces residual liquids and it can be applied underwater. It is ideal for filling mineshafts, tunnels, caves, pipelines and conduits.

URETEK void filling is a fast alternative to conventional void filling. As the geopolymer resin is produced on-site from a liquid base, URETEK void filling avoids numerous deliveries to site reducing disruption. URETEK void filling requires pushing and does not flow, therefore only simple forms of containment or shuttering are required. URETEK geopolymer resin is also recyclable, so if at a later date the void needs to be accessed the geopolymer resin can be easily removed. URETEK geopolymer resin is environmentally neutral, inert, solvent-free, non-toxic and non-flammable.